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Lesson 3 New features for tablespace and resource management
Objective Understand Oracle tablespace and resource management.

New types of tablespaces

The new and enhanced tablespace features give you greater flexibility in controlling the physical location and availability of specific portions of the database. Tablespace improvements allow faster and easier backups, better capabilities to change the status of tablespaces, and more choices for tablespace management.
Look at the slide show below to see an illustration of the new tablespace enhancements now available with Oracle.

Tablespace enhancements

Enhancements to the Resource Manager

In addition to these new features for tablespace management, the tool called the Database Resource Manager has been enhanced to allow the database administrator to control operating system resources. For example, the DBA can limit a user so the user is not allowed to use more than 40 percent of the CPU at any time. This prevents one user from "hogging" the CPU and causing other users to experience long waits for services from the database. We will look into these features and improvements in a later module of this course.
The next lesson describes storage-handling and space-handling efficiencies that have been added in Oracle.