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Lesson 1

Introduction to configuring Oracle Names

This module investigates Oracle Names and how the Names utility is used to manage a distributed network of computers. The topics include:
  1. A conceptual overview of Oracle Names
  2. Proper use of Oracle Names
  3. Storing the configuration file for Oracle Names
  4. An overview of the Names Control utility
  5. Starting and stopping the Names server

While Oracle Names is a new tool, it is slowly gaining popularity within the Oracle8 community. It is important to note that Oracle Names is not required by any Oracle environment; it is a management tool that simplifies the maintenance of the Net8 parameter files and database links. Hence, Oracle Names is most likely to be used in a very dynamic environment.
Learning objectives
After completing this module, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the architecture of Oracle Names
  2. Describe how a request is resolved through Oracle Names
  3. Explain when it is not appropriate to use Oracle Names
  4. Store the overall topology
  5. Use the Names control utility
  6. Use the basic names control commands
Let us begin our tour with a conceptual overview of Oracle Names.