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Lesson 1

Programming PL/SQL using Oracle

This course introduces you to the object-oriented paradigm within the context of Oracle, then focuses on the SQL and PL/SQL commands for creating, modifying, and manipulating data within objects such as object tables and related object tables. This course also covers nested tables, varrays, LOBs, object types, and objects embedded within relational tables.
You will learn the steps necessary to create and use methods written in PL/SQL to manipulate data within objects.
This is the first course in the five-part oracle New Features Certification Series. Taken in conjunction with the other courses within this series, this course will also prepare you to pass the oracle New Features for Administrators certification exam. Along the way, you will work on a series of course projects and exercises that will give you a chance to put your new skills to use in the context of actual business scenarios.

Course goals

Completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the SQL enhancements that allow you to query object and related object tables
  2. Flatten nested tables and query them
  3. Update object tables
  4. Insert and delete rows in object tables
  5. Analyze dangling references
  6. Update nested tables and varrays
  7. Insert and delete rows in nested tables and varrays
  8. Create and use methods for object types

In this course, you will learn and practice your skills with two kinds of widgets:
  1. the SlideShow,
  2. the Tooltip.

Certification Series

New Features for PL/SQL is the first of five courses in the oracle New Features
Certification Series.
In the next lesson, the prerequisites for this course will be discussed.