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Lesson 2PL SQL Stored Objects Requirements
ObjectiveLearn what you need to complete this course.
Oracle11g Server Software
While not explicitly required, it is better to work with a real Oracle Server during this course. If you have an Oracle database available to you now, use the sample database script (previously downloaded) and instructions on how to install it on your database at the following link petstore.sql.
To run the database script and populate the database with data, you will need access to Oracle11g or higher. Visit the following page to download a version of Oracle for your machine.
Database Download
Sample DB Script
You cannot use another brand of database to practice the sql because the majority of this course covers Oracle's own extensions to the SQL language, such as the DECODE function.
I urge you to get some live practice into your studies by installing Oracle11g on your home or office workstation.

Either of these two versions of the database (standard or enterprise) can be used during this course. The difference is that
  1. the Enterprise Edition supports multiple concurrent users while
  2. the Personal edition supports only one user at a time.

Older Oracle software
All the PL/SQL shown in this course can be run using Oracle10g or higher.
Optional books
Several books are available to assist you as you work with PL/SQL.
The following optional textbook by Steve Feuerstein is recommended for this course.
Course WebStore
Purchase the optional texts for this course online by visiting the ecommerce store below . These books are not required to study this course, but do contain helpful information. You can reach the Web Store by clicking the following link,
RelationalDBDesign WebStore

Course download

If you wish to complete the optional On-Your-Own course exercises, or if you wish to work on the course project exercises with your own copy of the course project tables, you will need to use the downloaded SQL file to help you create the sample database for the course project.
The next lesson examines some of the features of the course.
Click the link below to complete the Course Project for the course.
Download Course Project