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Filter Records using multiple criteria

  1. As with Filter by Selection the first step to filtering by form is to display the table you want to filter. In this simulation you will be finding clients with addresses in Texas and Colorado. Display the Filter by Form window by choosing Records>>Filter>>Filter by Form from the menu.
  2. This is the Filter by Form window. It contains a cell for each field, and two tabs at the bottom of the window: Look for and Or. Using this form you can define multiple criteria. The first criterion that you will select is to find addresses in Texas. Click the down arrow in the State field and choose TX.
  3. Each field has a drop-down list containing all the values stored in that field. You saw the selections in the State field,equivalent selections are available for all the fields. If you select a value in another field, as well as the State field, you are telling Access to find records that meet both of those criteria. However, you want to find addresses in either California or Texas. To specify an Or criteria, you need to use the Or tab at the bottom of the window.
    Click the Or tab to see another copy of the form.
  4. When you click the Or tab you see a new copy of the Filter by Form window. Use this form to specify Or criteria.
    Select CA from the State drop-down list.
  5. Now you have defined your filter,addresses that are in either Texas or California,and you are ready to see the results. To filter the table using the criteria you have defined in the Filter by Form window, click the Filter button on the toolbar ,it looks like a funnel.
  6. The result is three records. The bottom line of the window tells you the table is filtered, just like it does when you filter y selection. If you want to see the entire table, click the Remove Filter button.