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Additional Access queries

Action Queries

There is also a class of queries called action queries, which are queries which do not display data, they change it. You can use action queries to delete records, update data (usually based on some formula), append data to an existing table, or make a new table.
Another type of query is the Crosstab query. These are similar to Excel’s pivot tables if you are familiar with them. Crosstab queries usually display summary data. Here is an example of the result of a crosstab query: you create a datasheet with project names down the left and months across the top. In each cell is the number or hours you worked on each project in the given month.

Action Queries

As with Access 2010 web databases, there are no action queries. Data macros allow you to
  1. insert,
  2. update, or
  3. edit records.

If you have to perform regular bulk operations where performance will matter, consider using an Access client database to perform those bulk operations instead. It is unlikely that people using web browsers, and especially those working on a mobile device, will need to work with bulk processes. Even if they needed to do so, it would be too challenging to do it in the browser. The capability to perform bulk operations is one of the primary reasons we think you will appreciate the ability to connect to the SQL Server database directly from a client database.