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What can you do with Queries?

Queries are very powerful and you can use them to group your data (something you can also do with a report) so that you can create summary calculations. For instance, if you want to figure out the average amount of time you spend on a project, you can use a query to calculate it.
You will learn a lot about queries in this module but if you find you need more, you may want to dig further into Access’s query capability using the Help system or one of the resource books.

Sometimes it can be advantageous to alter the SQL inside a saved query. That is especially common when you are using pass-through queries to another database like SQL Server, but it can also come in handy when you need to nest Access queries several layers deep.
Because the queries a few layers down cannot be modifi ed in a report or form's RecordSource, you may need to change them directly.
Remember that if you use this technique for a pass-through query, you must use the SQL Server syntax of the back-end database, not Access syntax. For example, the wildcard in
SQL Server is %, not *. 
Also, SQL Server expects string values to be surrounded by single quotes (`), whereas Access does not care whether you use single quotes (`) or double quotes (`` ).