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Add Controls in Design view

The set of controls available in Access 2013 apps has been revised, and although a large portion of the controls will be familiar to you from previous versions, it is essential that you go through the differences from familiar controls and familiarize yourself with the new controls.
For your reference, we will list all properties for each control with a brief discussion about each control. As you saw earlier in our discussion about popup properties, not all properties are available in all contexts.
For this section, we will give you a table listing all properties from each group and indicate what they are named, when they are available, and what default values they may have.
Note that the default values may differ when you add fi elds using Field List; the default values listed are based on when you add a control from the ribbon.We will conclude with a more detailed discussion on some common properties.

The field list displays the names of all the fields from the table or query that is associated with the main form

Drag the Start Date field and drop it just below the field contents