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Access Control Types

Remember that the two most common types of controls are labels and text boxes. Labels contain static contents like the name of a field. Text boxes usually contain the contents of a field, which changes with each record.
List boxes and combo boxes are two of the best controls for allowing users to view and select data fi lters. You can further manage the data displayed by tailoring the query used for the Row Source of the control. Depending on the scenario, you can show additional fields
  1. to help with the user selection,
  2. adjust the sort order, or
  3. show or hide active/inactive records.
Of course, this is another place to leverage the benefi ts of foreign keys; you can show the users the description from the lookup table while passing the actual ID value to the query.

Cascading Combo Boxes

Both types of controls work well with the cascading controls concept. You will usually hear the term cascading combo boxes, but the concept applies equally to the List box control, as well as other control types.
You can also use a combination of control types in the cascading chain. Essentially, after you select the value, or values, in the first control, the data returned from the rowsource of the second control is cascaded to show only values based on what is selected in the first control. This is accomplished by creating the rowsource of the second control on the fly using the value from the fi rst combo box. Selecting the value in the Filter/Search By combo box will show the available Document Type values in the Select A Filter Val combo box.