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Buttons for navigation in the Report view

Buttons for navigating in the Report view

Location 1 View: Design – Displays the Design view of the report
Location 2 Print: Prints the report
Location 3 Zoom: Toggles between your current zoom and page Fit
Location 4 One Page: Displays one whole page
Location 5 Two pages: Displays two pages
Location 6 Multiple pages: Chooses the number of pages to display
Location 7 Zoom: Types in a zoom factor
Location 8 Close: Returns to the previous window (usually design view or the database window)
Location 9 Office Links: Transfers the report to Word or Excel format
Location 10 Database window
Location 11 Displays the first page of report (grayed out in this image because we are on the first page)
Location 12 Displays the previous page of report (grayed out because there isn’t a previous page)
Location 13 Types in the page number to display
Location 14 Displays the next page of the report
Location 15 Displays the last page of the report
Location 16 Scroll bars: Use to see other parts of the current page