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Use of command button to create a hyperlink

Here is the command button, called cmdOpenClientForm, with its property sheet open. Notice the space for Hyperlink Address and Hyperlink SubAddress entries in the Format tab of the property sheet. The Builder button next to the Hyperlink address is clicked.

This is the default view of the Insert Hyperlink dialog. It is set up to specify a hyperlink to a web page. However, in this demonstration we will be opening an object in the database.

You click the selection "Object in This Database" to get a tree-style view of the objects in your database.

The Clients form is selected under Forms.

After you click OK, the Insert Hyperlink dialog is closed and the Hyperlink SubAddress property is updated.

Now, when the form is opened, the command button acts just like a hyperlink. When the command button is clicked, the Client form is opened.