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Working with data Entry Sytle Data Access Page

  1. Starting at the Page list of the Database window, you would have created a data access page by double-clicking the icon for the second choice in the list, "Create data access page by using wizard".
  2. From the first screen of the Page wizard, you would have specified the company to be selected by double-clicking the Company field, seen in the Available Fields list on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. With the Company field moved over to the Selected Fields list box, you would have specified another table from which to pull a field by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Tables/Queries list box.
  4. You would have viewed a list of fields by clicking Table: Projects.
  5. You would have viewed the list of fields from the Projects table in the Available Fields list by double-clicking the ProjectDescription field from the Available Fields list.
  6. The ProjectDescription field had been moved over to the Selected Fields column. To go to the next screen, you would have clicked Next >.
  7. You would have specified the Company field by clicking the ">" button.
  8. You would have then moved to the next screen by clicking Next >.
  9. You would have again moved to the next screen by clicking Next >.
  10. You would have opened the finished page by clicking the option button labeled "Open the page."
  11. You would have clicked the Finish button to exit the wizard.
  12. In the finished page, you would have expanded the first client’s projects by clicking the top-left plus sign.
  13. Finally, you viewed the first of the projects for this client in the finished page.