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Changing the Application Title by using the Startup dialog

  1. While in the consulting407.mdb, click the Tools menu.
  2. Click Startup… located on the Tools menu.
  3. The Startup dialog has now been opened. Type the words My Consulting Database into the Application Title field, Then click Submit.
  4. The database now has a new title, as seen at the top of the Access window.

Access Tables

Because you are already in Layout view for the form, you can easily make one last change. Because this database contains customer names for a stationery store, you're going to change the form title to Customer List.
You can click the Format tab and then click Title in the Controls group. This will highlight the current title, as shown in the picture. All you need to do then is type the new title of the form. In this case, you type "Customer List." Remember to save after making this change.
There's more that you can do to customize a form. The Quick Reference Guide includes more information about customizing forms.