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Looking at the Startup dialog

Startup dialog

  1. Application Title - This will be displayed in the Access title bar whenever the database is opened.
  2. Application Icon - This is the file name and path of an icon file that will be used to represent your database application when it isminimized.
  3. Menu Bar - The menu bar specified here is the one displayed when a user first opens your database. You can customize the tools on this menu bar.
  4. Allow Full Menus - This option specifies whether to display and let users use Access menus.
  5. Allow Default Shortcut Menus - Specifies whether to display right-click menus.
  6. Display Form/Page - Allows you to set the form, or data access page, to display when the database opens.
  7. Display Database Window - If unchecked, this will hide the Database window. Be sure to specify a form in the Display Form/Page option if you uncheck this form.
  8. Display Status Bar - Allows you to choose whether to display the Access status bar at the bottom of the Access window.
  9. Shortcut Menu Bar - The name of right-click menu bar to use.
  10. Allow Built-in Toolbars - Allows you to choose whether to display built-in system toolbars.
  11. Allow Toolbar/Menu Changes - Allows you to choose whether to allow users to modify toolbars and menus.