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Examples of Parameter Settings

View the full-sized image and diagram below.
This is a partial image of my initorc1.ora file. There are a few parameters displayed in this image that you'll want to pay attention to, the first of which is db_name=GL1. Since you can have multiple databases on your system, this parameter indicates which database is controlled by this init.ora file. orc1 will also be part of the name for many files associated with this database.

Another parameter you'll want to take note of is control_files=c:\oracle8\database\ctl1orc1.ora. This parameter indicates where the control file(s) for this database exist.

The last parameter I wanted to point out here is log_checkpoint_interval=8000. This parameter indicates the checkpoint interval for this instance.

This image is from the Oracle Instance Manager screen. The information being displayed relates to redo log archiving. In this case the log mode is NOARCHIVELOG which indicates we are not archiving our redo log files. We'll discuss this topic in a later module.

This image is from Oracle Instance Manager and displays parameter information including default values. Note that the initorc1.ora file is used to modify values and will not indicate what the default values are for a specific parameter. You can also change parameters using Instance Manager.

This image displays information from Server Manager, a line mode tool. You can see that I entered three commands and displayed information that may have been included in the initorc1.ora file or could have been accesses via Instance Manager.