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Steps to recover a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode

  1. To shutdown the database, issue the SHUTDOWN ABORT command in Server Manager.
  2. Restore the files using the COPY command on an NT platform.
  3. Restart Oracle instance in Server Manager.
  4. Notify users that they will need to renter data since the time of the last backup.

RMAN does not backup online redo logs. To fix the problem, we simply have to tell the database to recreate the online redo logs:

SQL> alter database clear logfile group1;

Database altered.

SQL > alter database clear logfile group2;
alter database clear logfile group2
ERROR at line1: ORA-00350:log 2 of instance orcl1 (thread1) needs to be archived
ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1:'+ DATA/orcl1/onlinelog/group_2.263.902310515'
ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1:'+DATA/orcl1/onlinelog/group_2.262.902310515'
SQL>alter database clear unarchived logfilegroup2;
Database altered.

SQL>alter database clear log filegroup 3;
Database altered.

SQL>alter database open;
Database altered.