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Recover an open Oracle database, initially open

(1) The DBA accesses the Server Manager and (2)connects as sysdba. (3)The DBA queries the data dictionary views V$DATAFILE and V$DATAFILE_HEADER to check whether the damaged datafile is offline. (4) the result show that the file USR1ORCL.ORA is offline.

Since the file is offline, the DBA can restore the file. This is a required step before performing recovery.
(5) First the DBA accesses the operating system.
(6) Then the DBA restores the damaged datafile from the backup.
(7) After copying the file to the original place, the DBA goes back to the Server Manager and (8) starts the recovery.
The DBA uses the AUTOMATIC option for the recover command.

(9) After the recovery is finished, the DBA needs to bring the datafile