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Performing recovery without the current Redo Log

1) The DBA is informed that the database is not available. The DBA accesses the Server Manager (1) and connects to the database as sysdba (2)

2) The DBA tries to open the database(3) but fails. The message says that something is wrong with the online redo log file LOG3ORCL.ORA (4) which belongs to log group 2.

3) The DBA immediately queries the V$LOG view (5) and finds out the problematic log file in group 2 is the current redo log with the sequence number 482(6). This means the recovery has to be complete when log 481 is reached. The DBA then queries V$LOGFILE view (7) to confirm the information (8).

4) The DBA shuts down the database(9) to restore all the datafiles(10).

5) The DBA starts to recover the database using cancel-based recovery (11) and when prompted for the log to apply, the DBA just hits Enter to continue (12).

6) When log 482 is prompted, the DBA enters CANCEL to complete the recovery (13). Then the DBA opens the database with the RESETLOGS option (14). The DBA has successfully recovered the database without the current redo log.