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Performing a datafile recovery with no backup in Oracle

  1. Take the corrupted datafile or the whole affected tablespace offline.
    If the database is closed, start the database in the mount mode. Take the damaged datafile offline and open the database. This will keep your database accessible to the users who do not need to use the corrupted tablespace.
    Use the ALTER TABLESPACE <tablespace_name> offline immediate; statement if your database is open; use ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE <datafile_name> offline immediate; statement if your database can only be mounted.
  1. Use the data dictionary view V$RECOVER_FILE to confirm the recovery status.
  2. Recreate the damaged datafile to an alternative location using the ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '<datafile_name>' AS '<new datafile_name>'; statement.
  3. Recover the datafile or the affected tablespace by applying all the archived logs and online redo logs required via the RECOVER TABLESPACE or RECOVER DATAFILE command.
  4. Bring the recovered datafile or tablespace back online.
  5. Include the tablespace in your backup strategy and inform the user that the tablespace is available.