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Advantages and disadvantages of Complete Recovery

Advantages Disadvantages
  1. Only lost or damaged files need to be restored.
  2. All data is recovered to the time of failure, so no committed data is lost. Applying archived and redo logs to the restored file brings the database to the current point in time.
  3. The total recovery time is equal to the time your disk can restore the required files plus apply all archived and redo logs.
  4. Recovery can be performed while the database is open for access. However, the database cannot be recovered in open mode if the SYSTEM tablespace or datafiles containing online rollback segments need to be recovered.
  1. All archived logs from the time of your last backup to the current time must be available because all archives need to be applied in sequence.
  2. If one log is missing, a complete recovery becomes impossible.
  3. You can recover only up to the point of the missing archive log.
Routine closed whole database backups of the ARCHIVELOG database are recommended.