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How to locate Files needed for Recovery

  1. You are told that a datafile is corrupt and needs recovery. You have already connected to database ORCL as sysdba. To find the file needing recovery, you query the data dictionary view V$RECOVER_FILE. Type SELECT * FROM V$RECOVER_FILE; at the prompt and press Enter.x
  2. At this time, you may want to find the name for datafile #5. To do this, you query the DBA_DATA_FILES view. Type SELECT FILE_NAME FROM DBA_DATA_FILES WHERE FILE_ID = 5; at the prompt and press Enter.
  3. Now you need to find out what log files are needed for the recovery. Type SELECT * FROM V$RECOVERY_LOG; at the prompt and press Enter.
  4. Now you have the information about the files you need for recovery. This is the end of the Simulation. Click the Exit button.