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Everyday Databases

Access is a tool for managing databases which are carefully structured catalogs of information (or data). Databases can store just about any type of information, including numbers, pages of text, and pictures. Databases also range wildly in size since they can handle everything from your list of family phone numbers to a product catalog for Distributed Networks. Using Microsoft Access you can design complete databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick and easy data entry.

A phone book is a list of information about people and businesses.

A rolodex is like a phone book, but in a different format with the information for each person or business on one card.

A recipe box contains the titles and ingredients, and directions for preparing different dishes.

Your email inbox is an example of a database, in most cases, itis easy to sort by one of the pieces of information you have for reach message, who it is from, when it was received, or what it is about.

A catalog contains the same information for each item - name, description and price (and often a picture).