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Cut, Copy and Paste in MS Access

The first step is to select the text I need and copy it to the clipboard. The first text I need is Network Consultants, Inc.

Nothing changes on the screen to indicate to you that you have stored text on clipboard, but it is there, and if you move the cursor and click the Paste button, you will see the copied text pasted to the new location. However, I am going to copy the two other piece of data that you need before pasting anything.
I select AZ and click the Copy button to copy the text to the clipboard.
As soon as a second piece of text is copied to the clipboard the Clipboard toolbar appears.

The Clipboard toolbar now has three icons, since three pieces of text are stored there.

I move the cursor to the Company column for Catherine Molkenbur.

Next I move the cursor to the State column for Catherine Molkenbur and copy AZ by clicking the second icon on the clipboard toolbar.

Hillary works for Dynamic Solutions, so I move the cursor to the Company field for Hillary and click the third icon on the clipboard toolbar to paste that text.

All I need to do now is put in Hillary's state and Piper's information. Piper also works for Dynamic Solutions.