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Create New Table with Wizard

  1. Open the Table Wizard by double-clicking the "Create Table By Using Wizard" option in the database window. (Notice that in the Objects bar, Tables is selected. Tables has to be selected in order to see the Create Table By Using Wizard icon.)
  2. The first window of the table wizard has a number of options, we will go through them one by one.
    The first option is two radio buttons that enable you to choose between Business and Personal tables. The tables that the wizard can create are displayed in the Sample Tables list box. This box contains different options depending on whether Business or Personal is selected. The business tables are displayed in the figure. Notice that the Sample Tables list box has a scroll bar, you cannot see all the tables unless you use the scroll bar. The first step in using the wizard is to select the table. You're going to create a table for Employees by clicking the Employees option in the Sample Tables box.
  3. Once you select the table, the Sample Fields list changes to show you fields that are relevant to the table you selected.
    The next step is to select the fields you want in your table from the Sample Fields list box. You can choose all fields by clicking the double right pointing arrow, or select one at a time by selecting the field in the Sample Fields box and then clicking the single right arrow. However, the easiest way to select a single field in the Sample Fields box is to double-click it. Double-click the field Employee ID to select it for the new table.
  4. The selected field is copied to the Fields in my new table list. We're going to select the rest of the fields for you. Click this Simulation's forward button above to advance to the next screen.
  5. You now have six fields for your new table. You can remove or rename fields using this window. Remove the Department field from the Fields in my new table list by selecting it (we've selected it for you here) and clicking the left arrow.
  6. You now have only five fields selected for your new table. The double left arrow removes all fields, and the rename field button allows you to rename a field.
    Now that all the fields you need for your table are chosen, click the Next button to see the next window of the wizard.
  7. This window provides a name for the table--if you wanted the table to have a different name, you could type a new name in here. This window also asks you if the wizard should create a primary key. A primary key is a field that uniquely identifies each record in the table. In this case, the Table Wizard will make the EmployeeID field the primary key: each employee has a unique EmployeeID number. You will learn more about primary keys later in this course. Notice that Yes, Set A Primary Key For Me is selected and click the Next button to see the next window of the wizard.
  8. This is the last window of the wizard. You have three choices of how to view the table: Modify the table design: This option displays the table in Design view.
    Enter data directly into the table: This option displays the table in Datasheet view. Enter data into the table using a form the wizard creates for me: This option creates the table, but doesn't immediately display it. Instead, Access creates a form based on the table and displays that. The second choice is the default choice, and fine for our purposes. Click Finish to see the table.
  9. Here is the table the wizard created. Notice the field names across the top you'll learn how to change the width of columns so that you can see the names. This table is ready for you to enter data. This is the end of the Simulation. To close this window and return to your lesson, click on the Exit button.