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Navigating Oracle Universal Installer

During the simulation, the Universal Installer was used to remove software. Here are the steps you went through:
  1. You first clicked the View Products button to see what is currently installed.
  2. Once in the Inventory window, you expanded the OEMHOME branch to view the software installed under that Oracle home.
  3. Then you clicked in the check box to mark Enterprise Manager Client for removal.
  4. Next you clicked the Remove button to start the deinstall process. A confirmation window appeared and you clicked the Yes button to indicate that you wanted the deinstall process to continue.
  5. After the process was completed, you expanded the OEMHOME branch again to verify that the Enterprise Manager Client software was no longer listed.
  6. Then you closed the Inventory window, returning to the main window of the Universal Installer.

Questions to Answer:

Please answer the following questions :
  1. If you were running the Universal Installer because you wished to install new software, why might you use the Installed Products part of the Universal Installer?
  2. The Universal Installer allows you to install a newer version of software while keeping the older version intact on the same machine.
    Describe a situation where this capability works to your advantage.