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SYSCOL table

SYSCOL table consisting of the columns listed below

The SYSCATALOG data dictionary table.
  1. Creator: The Creator column shows which user created a table.
  2. Cname: The CName
  3. TName: The TName column contains the names of the columns in the database.
  4. ColType: The ColType column contains the data domain for each column in the database.
  5. Nulls: The Nulls field contains a yes or no value indicating whether a field can contain Null values or not.
  6. Length: The Length column indicates the number of bytes used to store the column's values.
  7. InPrimaryKey: The InPrimaryKey column indicates whether or not a column is part of its table's primary key.
  8. ColNo: The ColNo column contains the number of the column in the database (assigned by the RDBMS).