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Server Manager was no longer released beginning with Oracle 9i

Oracle Server Manager is going away. Oracle no longer supports Server Manager and it is recommended that you use
  1. SQL*Plus
  2. Oracle Application Express's SQL Workshop
  3. Query Builder
  4. SQL Workshop script editor
Support has already dropped off for the GUI version, which was previously available for several platforms, including Windows. Now, the GUI version of Server Manager is only supported under UNIX using X-Windows. Enterprise Manager is Oracle's strategic product for GUI-based management of Oracle Databases, so you would best spend your time learning that GUI product.

Command-line Tool

DBAs need a command-line tool to use and Oracle recognizes this. With the release of Oracle8i, all the commands previously specific to Server Manager have been implemented in SQL*Plus. This is a good move on Oracle's part, because for the most part, the two products are redundant. Only a few commands are unique to Server Manager. Consolidating the two products gives Oracle one less tool to worry about maintaining, and it removes a source of potential confusion for users, as some DBA scripts are designed to run from SQL*Plus, and others are designed to run from Server Manager.
Oracle's long-term strategy is to make SQL*Plus the only command-line interface for the Oracle database.
Even though Server Manager is being phased out, don't worry about anything you are learning in this module becoming obsolete.
All the Server Manager commands work the same in SQL*Plus as they do in Server Manager.
In fact, if you happen to be running Oracle8i, you should try using SQL*Plus as you work through this module.