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Lesson 9 The Oracle Server Manager HELP Command
Objective Use Oracle Server Manager's HELP command.

Oracle Server Manager HELP Command

Server Manager has a very rudimentary help facility. To use it, just type in HELP at the prompt.
This is an example:


In return, you will see a brief summary of command syntax. You won't see a lot of detail--for that you will have to go to the manual, but often a reminder is all that you need. Try the following simulation to see how the HELP command works.

Use Of Roles

Using roles has several benefits, including:
  1. Reducing the number of grants and thereby making it easier to manage security.
  2. Dynamically changing the privileges for many users with a single grant or revoke.
  3. Selectively enabling or disabling depending on the application.
Roles can be used for most system and object privileges. Privileges granted through a role cannot be used for creating an object (views, packages, procedures, and functions). You need to grant privileges directly to the user for this.
Oracle HELP Command