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Lesson 12 Using Server Manager to execute SQL statements
Objective Issue a SQL statement from Server Manager.

Using Server Manager to execute SQL Statements (Deprecated)

As mentioned at the beginning of this module, Oracle Server Manager has been deprecated since Oracle 9i, and you need to use SQL*Plus instead.
This page discusses how to issue a SQL statement from Server Manager.
In addition to executing the commands that you have already learned about in this module, you can use SQL* Plus to enter and execute any SQL statement.
The following example shows a SELECT statement used to retrieve a list of database users:

SVRMGR> SELECT username FROM dba_users;
7 rows selected.

Notice that the SQL statement has a semicolon at the end. SQL statements may span multiple lines, so the semicolon is used to tell Server Manager that it has reached the end of the statement. As an alternative to the semicolon, you can also use a forward-slash character to terminate a statement.
Forward slash-terminate SQL.

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