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Important Oracle Initialization Parameters

The db_name parameter names the database. In this case, the name is dev1. When you SELECT name FROM v$database, this is the name that you see.

The db_files parameter controls the total number of database files that may be open at any one time. This includes control files, redo log files, and datafiles. You should set this value a bit higher than the total number of files in your database. That allows you to add new datafiles without stopping and restarting the instance.

The control_files parameter points to the database control files.

The db_block_size parameter controls the physical size of a database block.

Oracle buffers data in memory in order to reduce disk I/O.

The shared pool is an area that Oracle uses to store and parse SQL statements and PL/SQL code.

The log_buffer parameter controls the amount of memory Oracle uses to buffer data that needs to be written to the redo log files.

This value controls the maximum amount of memory that Oracle will use to sort data when executing a query.

After a large sort, Oracle will attempt to release some of the memory used by that sort.