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Oracle Basic Architecture Terms and Definitions

DBA_DATA_FILESReturns information about data files
Initialization fileA text file containing parameters that affect the operation of the database
Control filePoints to the other database files
db_block_sizeControls the size of a physical database block
TablespaceConsists of one or more datafiles
V$LOGFILEReturns information about redo log members
Redo log memberA file that contains a record of changes made to the database
DatafileContains table and index data
Redo log groupA group of log files, where the same information is written to each
Archive log destinationThe location to which redo log files are copied by the archive process
db_block_buffersControls the amount of memory reserved for buffering database blocks
Archive log fileIs a redo log file that has been copied to another location for use in database recovery