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Look at Oracle processes under Windows

When Oracle runs on Windows, Oracle implements the various processes as threads running under one Oracle service. You can look at the list of services, and that will tell you how many Oracle instances you have running. To do this, use the Start menu, and go to
Start->Settings->Control Panel. 

When the Control Panel opens, double-click on the Services icon. You should see a list of services similiar to that in the example below.

Control Panel

List of Services 1) Network DDE 2) Network DDE DSDM 3) NTLM Security Support Provider
1) Service, 2) Status, 3) Startup
List of Services a) Network DDE b) Network DDE DSDM c) NTLM Security Support Provider

The Oracle processes, since they start with “o,” are usually far enough down in the list that you will need to scroll down in order to see them. The convention used for naming Oracle services is OracleServiceservice_name, where service_name represents the instance name. In the example just shown, you can see a service named OracleServiceORCL. That tells you that you have an instance named ORCL running on the server.
With the release of Oracle, Oracle provides a utility known as the Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows. You can use this utility to see a detailed listing of the threads running within each service. To do this, first start the assistant. You will find it under
Start->Programs->Oracle - OraHome1->Database Administration
->Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows NT. 
After it starts, select the instance that you are interested in from the list, and you will then see a screen like this:

Assistant: Process information for coin  The list display information about Oracle threads.
Assistant: Process information for coin-> The list display information about Oracle threads.
To run the Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows NT, you must have Internet Explorer installed on your PC, and must have the Microsoft Management Console installed as well.