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Oracle report commands

c days 10 database; 
report unrecoverable database;
report schema;

Reporting on RMAN Operations

The RMAN LIST and REPORT commands generate reports on backup activities based on the RMAN repository. Use the SHOW ALL command to display the current RMAN configuration.

Listing Backups in Oracle

Run the LIST BACKUP and LIST COPY commands to display information about backups and datafile copies listed in the repository. For backups, you can control the format of LIST output with the options in the following tables.

LIST Options for Backups

Option Example Explanation
BY BACKUP LIST BACKUP OF DATABASE BY BACKUP Organizes the output by backup set. This is the default mode of presentation.
BY FILE LIST BACKUP BY FILE Lists the backups according to which file was backed up.
SUMMARY LIST BACKUP SUMMARY Displays summary output. By default, the output is VERBOSE.

To generate reports of database files and backups:

  1. Start RMAN and connect to a target database.
  2. Run the REPORT command at the RMAN prompt.
The following example reports backups that are obsolete according to the currently configured backup retention policy:
The following example reports the datafiles and tempfiles in the database: