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Lesson 1

Introduction to Database Creation and Preparation

Preparing to create a database

Finally, you have a chance to do some real work with Oracle. In this module, we will make preparations to create the database that will be used for the remainder of this course. Together, we will:
  1. Review Oracle's Optimal Flexible Architecture
  2. Create a database parameter file
  3. Size the SGA and the database buffer cache
  4. Decide on a database block size
  5. Size the initial database files

In the module following this one, we will actually create the course project database that we discussed earlier in the course. If you are running Oracle, you'll be building an actual database, and if you are not running Oracle, we'll walk you through the steps so you know how to do it. In addition to being used for this course, this project database will also be used for the next four courses in the Oracle Database Administration Certification Series. Now, let's make the necessary preparations to create a database.
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