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Using Security Manager

  1. Once you select Security Manager from the Oracle Enterprise Manager menu, log in, but this time log in as user SCOTT with the password TIGER and then click the OK button. You want to use Security Manager as user SCOTT because your task will be to grant access to some of SCOTT's tables to another user.
  2. You can see that Security Manager uses the now familiar OEM interface. On the left is a listing of the different categories of security entities within the Oracle database, users, roles, and profiles. Click the plus sign to the left of the Users entry to expand the list of users.
  3. You will want to assign a privilege for the user named "DEMO", so click the corresponding entry under the Users in the left-hand list box.
  4. Once you select a use, a tabbed box appears on the right listing all the security options for the user. You will want to assign an object privilege, so click the tab labeled "Object Privileges"
  5. When you bring up the tab for object privileges, you have a list of schemas that contain objects, and that you have the privilege to view. Scroll down the list to get to the schema for SCOTT. (Just click the lower part of the scrollbar and we will scroll for you.)
  6. When you see the schema for user SCOTT, click the plus sign to the left of the entry to show the list of objects for the schema.
  7. You will want to assign a privilege for one of SCOTT's tables, so click the plus sign to the left of the Tables entry.
  8. You can see a list of SCOTT's tables. Click the A_TABLE that you created earlier in this course.
  9. As soon as you select a table, you see a list of object privileges appear in the upper right corner of the tabbed window. To assign the SELECT privilege for this table to user DEMO (the user currently selected in the left-hand list box) click the SELECT entry in the list of privileges.
  10. To add the privilege for the DEMO user, simply click the down arrow in the middle of the tabbed list box.
  11. Once you click the arrow, you can see that the associated object privilege appears in the lower part of the tabbed window. To complete the assignment, simply click the Apply button in the bottom of the Object Privileges tab.
  12. The SELECT privilege for the A_TABLE in SCOTT's schema has been granted for the user DEMO. To check the results of your work, click the plus sign to the left of the DEMO entry in the left-hand list box.
  13. Then click the entry labeled Object Privileges for the user DEMO.
  14. You can see the privilege you just assigned in the right-hand list box. The privilege has not been granted with the GRANT OPTION, so the second entry in the box is NO.