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Connecting to a service as the internal user

It is possible to connect to a database over Oracle Net as the internal user. To do this for the COIN database, you would use the following command: CONNECT INTERNAL@coin
If you try this command from the database server itself, it will very likely work. However, if you try this command from a remote PC, you will probably get the results shown in this example:
SVRMGR> connect internal@coin Password:

Because you are connecting remotely, Oracle won't let you connect as the internal user without first authenticating you. This is because the internal user can do anything to the database. You can't just let anyone connect that way, especially not over a network. It would be a horrible security risk. Oracle authenticates you as the internal user by asking you for a special password known as the internal password[1]. You haven't created one yet, at least not as part of this course, so you can't connect this way. You already have a regular password, but the internal password is an entirely different thing.
The next module covers this exact topic. When you are done with it, you will be able to connect remotely as the internal user in order to start and stop the database, or do whatever else you may need to do.

[1]internal password: The password that you need to use when you issue a CONNECT INTERNAL command from Server Manager.