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Rebuilding a Password File

Here is the correct order of steps for rebuilding a password file.
  1. Select a list of current password file entries from the v$pwfile_users view
  2. Shut down the database.
  3. Delete the existing password file.
  4. Create a new password file.
  5. Restart the database.
  6. Connect to the database as the INTERNAL user.
  7. Re-grant SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges to the appropriate users.

New Password Protections

Oracle Database now includes the following new password protections:
  1. Easy ability to find default passwords. If you have upgraded from an earlier release of Oracle Database, you may have user accounts that still have default passwords. For greater security, you should find and change these passwords.
  2. Password complexity verification. Password complexity verification ensures that users set complex passwords when setting or resetting passwords. You can enforce password complexity by using the default settings provided by Oracle Database, or create custom requirements to further secure the password complexity requirements for your site.
  3. Enforced case sensitivity.
  4. Stronger password hashing algorithm. This enhancement enables users to create passwords that contain mixed case or special characters.