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Oracle Line Editing Commands

Use the LIST command, abbreviated to L, to list lines in the buffer. By itself, L lists the entire buffer. You may optionally supply a line number to list, or a range of line numbers to list. You can list a single line, by simply typing the number.

The CHANGE, abbreviated to C, command may be used to change test on line, or to delete text. To delete text, change it without supplying a new value.

Use the DEL command, which may not be abbreviated, to delete one line or a range of lines.

Use the INSERT command, abbreviated to I, to insert lines into the buffer. The insertion occurs after the line marked with an asterisk, which is the line most recently listed.

Use the APPEND command, abbreviated to A, to append text onto the end of a line. Leave two spaces after the A command if you want one to precede the text that you are appending.

Use the forward-slash command to execute the SQL statement currently in the buffer.