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Create a user with the Security Manager

  1. Start by logging into Security Manager. Enter SYSTEM and MANAGER for the username and password, COIN for the service name, then click OK.
  2. This is Security Manager's opening screen. Right-click the folder named Users.
  3. Select create from the pop-up menu to begin the process of creating a new user.
  4. This is the Create User dialog. You need to fill in the fields on this screen. Use COIN_ADMIN for the username password, and confirm password.
  5. Click the drop-down list for the default tablespace.
  6. Select Users.
  7. Click the drop-down list for the temporary tablespace.
  8. Select Temp.
  9. Click the Expire Password Now checkbox to force the user to change the password on first log in.
  10. Now that you have completed all the fields, Click the Quota tab.
  11. This tab allows you to assign tablespace quotas. Click the user's tablespace to highlight it.
  12. Click the Value radio button.
  13. Enter 5000 for the value in the cell to the right of the value radio button. This assigns the user 5000 kilobytes of quota on the User's tablespace. When you are done, click the Tools tablespace.
  14. Click the Value radio button.
  15. Enter 10 for the value and click the drop-down list that reads "K Bytes" to the right of the value field.
  16. Select "M Bytes" from the drop-down list. This assigns the user 10 megabytes of quota on the Tools tablespace. When you are done, click the Temp tablespace.
  17. Click the Unlimited radio button in order to provide the user unlimited access to the TEMP tablespace.
  18. Click the Create button to create the user.
  19. The user has been created. Click OK to acknowledge.
  20. You are returned to the Security Manager screen, where you can see your newly created user listed in the right pane of the window.