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Changing a user's password

  1. From Security Manager's main window, expand the Users folder so that you can see a list of users. Do this by double-clicking the folder, or by single-clicking the "+" right next to it.
  2. Click once on the COIN_ADMIN user in the left-hand pane of the window. The user's information will be displayed in the right-hand pane.
  3. Now, click the Password field, and type FORGETFUL to set the new password. Then, click the Confirm Password field, and type FORGETFUL again. When you are finished, click the Show SQL button.
  4. As you can see, the SHOW SQL button may be clicked any time you are interested in seeing the underlying commands that Security Manager is executing for you. Now, click the Apply button to execute the ALTER USER statement, changing the user's password.
  5. The statement is executed and the SQL Text box is cleared. You can make further changes to the user or you can go on to do something else. This is the end of the Simulation.

Changing the SYS User Password

If you must change the SYS user password, then you should use the ORAPWD command line utility to create a new password file that contains the password that you want to use. Do not use the ALTER USER statement or the PASSWORD command to change the SYS user password. Note the following:
  1. The SYS user account is used by most of the internal recursive SQL. Therefore, if you try to use the ALTER USER statement to change this password while the database is open, then there is a chance that deadlocks will result.
  2. If you try to use ALTER USER to change the SYS user password, and if the instance initialization parameter REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE has been set to SHARED, then you cannot change the SYS password.
The ALTER USER statement fails with an ORA-28046: Password change for SYS disallowed error. Example 6.11 shows how to use ORAPWD to create a password file that has a new SYS password. In this example, the new password will be stored in a password file that will be called orapworcl. (If the password file already exists, then an OPW-00005: File with same name exists - please delete or rename error warns you so that you can choose another name. If you want to overwrite the existing password file, then append the force=y argument to the ORAPWD command.)

Example 6.11 Using ORAPWD to Change the SYS User Password

orapwd file='orapworcl'
Enter password for SYS: new_password