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Syntax for altering User

Altering user syntax

  1. ALTER USER coin_admin: You are altering an existing user named coin_admin.
  2. IDENTIFIED BY coin_admin: The new password for this user will be the same as the username.
  3. DEFAULT TABLESPACE users: Changes the user's default tablespace to users.
  4. TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp: Changes a user's temporary tablespace to temp.
  5. PROFILE default: Changes a user's profile to the default.
  6. QUOTA 5000K ON users: Changes the user's quota on the users tablespace to 5000K.
  7. QUOTA 10M tools: Changes the user's quota on the tools tablespace to 10 megabytes.
  8. QUOTA UNLIMITED ON temp: Gives the user an unlimited quota on the temp tablespace.