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Oracle Networking Concepts

Primary Communication Foundation for Oracle DB
  1. Also known as SQL*Net
  2. Oracle's Family of Networking Features:
1) Oracle Net, 2)Oracle Net Listener, 3) Connection Manager, 4) Configuration Tools

Net Configuration Files

  1. sqlnet.ora a) Main Oracle Net configuration file b) On both Client and Server
  2. listener.ora a) Configuration for the Net Listener b) On Server only
  3. tnsnames.ora a) Contains Connect Name to Descriptor mappings,b) Used by the TNSNames Naming adapter, c) On both Client and Server
  4. ldap.ora, a) Contains LDAP configuration information, b) Used the LDAP Naming adapter, c) On both Client and Server
Security RADIUS
Connectivity Multiplexing
Manageability Shared repository
Partitioning Row movement

Net enables services and their applications to reside on different computers and communicate as peer applications.
The main function of Net is to establish network sessions and transfer data between a client machine and a server or between two servers. Net is located on each machine in the network and once a network session is established, Net acts as a data courier for the client and the server.

Basic Client-to-Server Connection

Database Connection Features

The connection between the client and the database server is a key component of the overall architecture. The database connection is responsible for supporting all communications between an application and the data it uses. Oracle includes a number of features that establish and tune your database connections.
We have divided the discussion into two categories:
  1. database networking and
  2. Oracle Application Server.

Database Networking

Database users connect to the database by establishing a network connection. You can also link database servers via network connections. Oracle provides a number of features to establish connections between users and the database and/or between database servers, as described in the following subsections.