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Add Net Service

Course Project: Add a Net service name by using the Net Assistant

You completed the steps and created the following entry into the tnsnames.ora file:
        (PORT = 1521))

Oracle Network Services

Oracle Network Services consists of three components:
  1. client:The client is the application or software that initiates the connection. It may be an end user application, such as a web page, or it may be another Oracle server.
  2. server: This is the software to which the client connects; it may be an Oracle server or an external procedure.
  3. listener: The listener (also known as the TNS listener or the Net Services listener) creates listen end points on the machine housing the Oracle server or external procedure. The addresses of these end points are established in advance and published in the tnsnames.ora file, stored in an Oracle Names server (the location of which is published in the names.ora file) or stored in some other name server.