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Pre-installation Tasks - Initialization Parameters

The INSTANCE_NAME parameter uniquely identifies the name of an instance when multiple instances share common service names. Although a System ID (SID) identified a single database instance in the earlier Oracle 8i version, it did not identify a database. Because a database in Oracle8i with either OPS or MTS can have multiple services, SID was replaced with service naming.

It is possible to provide multiple services names (by listing each service name in the SERVICE_NAMES parameters, separated by commas) so that different uses of an instance can be identified separately. Service names can also be used to identify a service that is available from multiple instances though the use of replication.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service
The MTS_DISPATCHERS parameter is required for configuring a multi-threaded server. MTS saves memory when there are many concurrent users by allowing connections to share a thread into the database.

The COMPATIBLE parameter must be set to 8.1 and higher to enable any new Oracle8i features.