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Oracle Net Features Conclusion

This module has concentrated on the new features of Net and Oracle8i as they relate to Net installation and configuration.
The main points of this module include:
  1. Oracle8i made new Java-based OEM screens and had added a new look and feel to the GUI interfaces in contrast to Oracle 7
  2. Oracle8i had introduced important new tnsnames.ora parameters, including ADDRESS_LIST, LOAD_BALANCE, FAILOVER, SOURCE_ROUTE, INSTANCE_NAME, and SERVICE_NAME.
  3. Oracle8i now allows for failover functionality when using OPS of multiple listeners. With failover, Oracle automatically re-establishes lost client connections.
  4. When you specify multiple addresses for a service name, the SOURCE_ROUTE parameter determines the order in which the addresses are searched.
  5. Oracle is replacing the Server Manager (svrmgrl) with SQL*Plus. To issue SQL*Plus commands, you need to connect as sysdba.
  6. Oracle has implemented connection load balancing for Oracle Shared Server. MTS has been discontinued since Oracle a similar fashion to that used in OPS. The new load balancing feature uses the MTS and routes incoming connections to the least recently called dispatcher.

Connection Load Balancing

In a Real Application Clusters environment, multiple instances can be associated with a single database service. Clients can override Oracle's connection load balancing by specifying a particular instance by which to connect to the database. INSTANCE_NAME specifies the unique name of this instance. In a single-instance database system, the instance name is usually the same as the database name.