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Oracle Net Manager

In Oracle8, Oracle provided a GUI utility called the Net8 Assistant used to create the various configuration files required for Net8; this utility was renamed the Oracle Net Manager with the Oracle9i release. Like the Database Configuration Assistant, the Oracle Net Manager is written in Java, provides the same look and feel across platforms, and is typically first accessed from the installer. The Oracle Net configuration files have a very specific syntax with multiple levels of nested brackets. Using the Oracle Net Manager allows you to avoid the errors that are common to hand-coded files. This utility, which automates the configuration of various Oracle Net components, is shown in Figure 3-7 as it appears in Oracle Database 11g.

Figure 3-7:Oracle Net Manager

Oracle Net Manager

We will begin by selecting the Listener configuration button

Now we name the new listener. For this example, I have typed in LISTENERJAVA as the listener name.

Here, we will accept the TCP protocol, which is the default setting.

For this example, we will select IIOP clients. These are the clients that use the Internet Inter-Orb_Protocol (IIOP) which allows you Java clients to reach the database.

Accept the default port of 2481 for this listener

Now you are done and can continue to create more listeners to complete your work.

The final screen of the Net Configuration Assistant displays a quick completion message

Now you are back at the beginning and can either exit or do more work using Net Manager.