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Oracle listener

Managing incoming Connections

The following images illustrate the role of the Oracle listener in managing incoming connections:
A request is made in the SQL with a databse link name

The Oracle listener intercepts the incoming request and creates an Oracle session.

This in turn creates a UNIX process to manage the remote connection

Overview of Distributed Architectures

  1. Organization and economic factors in distributed databases
  2. The factors that create distributed database
  3. Specialized databases
  4. Rightsizing
  5. Corporate acquisitions
  6. Essentials of distributed databases
  7. Data integrity management
  8. Transparency features
  9. Location transparency
  10. Domains and location transparency
  11. Performance and tuning methods
  12. Interoperability features
  13. Replication and reliability
  14. Master-slave replication
  15. Operating system copy replication
  16. Replication advantages
  17. Types of distributed databases
  18. Architectural distribution
  19. Geographical distribution
  20. The myth of open systems
  21. Solutions to distributed database communication
  22. The impact of client-server on distributed systems
  23. Distributed database analysis and design

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