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Lesson 1

Introduction to Oracle Backup and Recovery

In the previous modules, we explored the different enhancements in Recovery Manager (RMAN) and backup strategies. In this module, we will look at the following new enhancements in backup and recovery:
  1. Improvements in export and import
  2. Duplex or multiple archive logs
  3. Detect and repair of corrupted blocks
  4. LogMiner
  5. Reports and lists about backups
  6. V$ data dictionary views for backup and recovery

Module objectives

When you have completed this module, you will be able to:
  1. Define multiple locations for archive log files
  2. Use DBMS_REPAIR package to detect and repair corrupt blocks
  3. Use LogMiner to query the archive log files
  4. Use the LIST and REPORT commands within RMAN
  5. Query the data dictionary for backup views
  6. Describe the improvements in export and import
The next lesson is about the features of Fast-Start recovery.