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Server Managed Backup

Oracle Server-managed Benefits

Benefits of the server-managed backup and recovery feature are robust, as the following list illustrates:
  1. Improves database administrator productivity by handling the database backup and recovery operations
  2. Simplifies the backup and recovery process
  3. Allows backing up of the entire database, or a subset of the database, in one operation
  4. Minimizes the possibility of operator error and detects database corruption
  5. Minimizes disk space needed for backup creation by supporting incremental backups
  6. Minimizes the time needed to backup and restore operations by automatically performing automatic backups and restores
  7. Reduces the performance impact of backups on the online system by limiting the number of redo entries generated
  8. Allows backups whether the database is open or closed
  9. Provides greater flexibility in recovery operations by allowing restore and recovery of a datafile using a mixture ofincremental backups and application of archived redo logs
  10. Optionally, can perform full block checking when performing a backup and can add checksums to a backup
  11. Supports the Oracle Parallel Server
  12. Supports sequential input/output (I/O) devices for output during backup and for input during restore operations; also supports tape backups in conjunction with vendor-provided tape management systems
  13. Can back up disk archived logs to tape
  14. Can restore tape-archived logs back to disk