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Archive log parameters in Oracle

Archive log paramters
LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n = ("null_string"
|SERVICE= tnsnames-service | LOCATION=directory-spec) 
[REOPEN= integer]

LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST The name of the initialization parameter, this is used to set multiple destinations for archived redo log files.
This is the value set to the parameter. The value in the form of a character string must be a directory name for saving the duplexes of archived redo log files.
LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n The name of the parameter, which is used to define multiple locations for archived redo log files, where n, is an integer between 1 and 5.
null_string The value of the parameter can be set to a NULL string.
SERVICE=tnsnames-service SERVICE specifies the destination of a standby database, which will be used to transmit the archivelog. There must be a standby instance associated with the destination.
LOCATION=directory-spec) LOCATION specifies a local file-system.
MANDATORY MANDATORY specifies that archiving to the destination must succeed before the REDO log file can be made available for re-use.
OPTIONAL OPTIONAL specifies that successful archiving to the destination is not required before the REDO log file can be made available for re-use.
REOPEN=integer REOPEN specifies an interval of time (in seconds) that must pass after an error is encountered during archiving to the destination before future archives to the destination can be attempted.